Push the Boundaries

The day will start with the Moonlight Country Staff arriving at the Hotel "in themed" and take over the Conference. Once teams have assembled and met we will give a short explanation on how the day will go. And we are judging them on completion of tasks and keeping to the timetable.

Once the formal explanation is completed teams are given the information pack and will hurry out to their respective activities accompanied by a Moonlight staff to help guide them. Two teams will go to each activity for added excitement. Teams are given an order of activities and times to follow.

Walk through the gardens to the main pier and find the jetboat dock.

Send and Receive:
Board the boats and speed along the lake to the Frankton end. We depart at the dock, walk up to the bridge and are given a communication task.

Teams will have 4 minutes to decide on a means of non-verbal communication across an expanse of 100m over the Kawarau River. No cell phones or radios allowed. One half the group will cross the river (walk over the bridge) and will be the sender of the message and the other half will stay and be the receiver.

They will have 10 minutes to complete the message. Once back together the receiving team will read out the message that was sent. Sometimes it's perfect and sometimes it's hilarious!!

Outcome: What message is received is just as important as what's sent. You must be sure that the receiver understands.

Blindfold Soccer
Everyone will find a partner to work with and line up for game of soccer nothing like the World Cup. One person will sport the blindfold and be lead by the voice commands only. The sighted person is not allowed to touch the ball or other people. Normal contact is acceptable between blindfolded players on opposite teams trying to gain control of the ball. After 6 minutes we have a short break and swap positions (the sighted become non-sighted). Have four 6 minute quarters and hope fully have scored some goals. Everyone must play 2 quarters with a blindfold and two as the leader. We wouldn't want anyone to miss out.

Outcome: To learn to work together, trust and support the responsibilities of others. And heaps of Fun.

Tourist Photo Challenge
Teams will set off around Queenstown to take photos of a series of given items with the whole team in the picture. Lateral thinking is a must and creativity could make it easy.

Example: Take a picture of the whole team at an Infamous Irish Pub - Someone underwater - Everyone touching a giant Kiwi - With a famous New Zealander - With a tourist - etc...

Complete the photos and hand them in to the staff for development. We will give them to you that night at dinner. Complete the photos and walk to the base of the gondola. Depart up to the skyline restaurant for a well-earned lunch (optional Luge ride)

Rally Golf
This is a game of time and accuracy. At the mini golf course near the base of the gondola teams will try to out putt the other team. Each team will put one person on one of the 18 holes to start. At the sound of the horn teams start. The whole team will need to complete the course in 50minutes. The team finished closest to the 50 minutes and least number of shots is the King of Mini Golf!

We all meet back at the Hotel for a quick debrief and good-bye from the team at Moonlight.

None of the activities will require anybody to be more active than the effort it takes to walk fast and then only for very short periods if desired. However if individuals choose to function at a faster/harder physical or emotional level then that will be their choice.

Basically we encourage people to participate under the notion of 'challenge by choice', i.e., participate at a level of physical and emotional engagement to which they personally feel comfortable.

By the end of the day all participants would have the opportunity to test their own personal boundaries of mental and physical ability if they choose.

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Push the Boundaries

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