"Whodunnit" Orienteering/Initiative Games

Using a logical mind, keen eye sight, the art of navigation and problem solving skills teams will have to complete an orienteering course only using a map, compass and limited or cryptic instructions.

Working together is a necessity, and learning a new skill is a must.
Contestants push the boundaries of their minds to be the best.

The theme of the day will be a 'Whodunit' mystery and teams will be required to figure out the mystery.

The day will be organized as follows:
We will have the teams depart town by Jetboat and head down the river to the back of the farm. They will unload the boats at a remote spot on the river.

We will load into the vehicles and head up the hill to the back of the farm where: We will split the group into teams (its better if the groups are preset by the company with colour coded shirts/hats/arm bands). Teams will be given a package with instructions, maps, clues and an explanation of how the game is played. After a short briefing on the rules contestants are set off on their mission.

The game is:
Each team will attempt to navigate 5 manned checkpoints on their journey. At the checkpoints teams will have to complete a lateral thinking or team building problem in order to gather vital clues to eliminate suspects.

Each team will have a unique course to follow. Teams will not follow the same path at the same time. They will cross one another however and try to find out what the other team knows.

The object of the game is to be the first team to solve the mystery - and win!
After completing the Course we would have a drink and everyone will have a turn on the...

Clay Target shooting.
Time to test your prowess and discover the hot shot of your group at clay target shooting with one of New Zealand's Champion shooters. You'll be given careful instructions on technique for the best results.

These are sample games (we will customize the games to suit your group)

Given a sheet of cryptic concepts teams/individuals try to figure out the answer. Sounds easy but it will test the thinking of even the best of the brains.

Example: Mind
Matter Answer: Mind over matter.

The Muse:
Goal - In search of the rare pink porpoise eggs, your expedition team must safely cross the bogs of Lost Swamp. Surprisingly, you have discovered that the boggish water is stall inhabited by Saber-Toothed Beaver, Shoe-Snapping Turtles and leather liking Great White Bog-Water shark. Teams have a set time to cross the swamp before the feeding frenzy begins and get eaten!

Trust fall:
Each guest will have the opportunity to fall into the arms of their peers. It's requires trust from the faller and from the catchers.

Almost Infinite Circle:
Pairs will be tied together by the wrists and ropes will be crossed over each other. What looks like an imposable problem (some clever people figure this one out) has a solution. Don't ask me what it is I can never remember.

Ball and Ropes game:
participants must work together in this game. Otherwise the team will not be able to complete the exercise. Great viewing if the strong personalities emerge. Teams will need to transport a ball/rock from one point to another using only ropes. Not easy cause they are not allowed to touch the ball.

Designed for team building, fun or a great day for employees to interact.

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