Moonlight Shotover Challenge

For an amazing day of clues,activities, speed, thinking and plenty of teamwork.

The Moonlight Shotover Challenge is a team building exercise designed to let participants find their way to The Barn at Moonlight Country by solving a series of clues and collecting puzzle pieces. Where (if successful) the pieces of the puzzle are combined to solve the problem.

It all starts with a map, the first clue and a sense of adventure:

Starting at Shotover Jet, Arthur's Point, contestants jump on a jet boat and speed through a narrow gorge narrowly missing the jagged rocks. Stopping at the second gorge teams disembark and climb 50 metres to an old mining ruin where…..

a group of mountain bikes await keen riders. Taking a gentle ride through farmer's property to another beach. Finding a second jet boat waiting to speed the clue hunters further down the river.

At the junction of the Shotover and Kawarau Rivers the boat breaks down. Leaving the group to walk 1km to find several river rafts and some rope.

The challenge is to get everyone down the river 4km dry and safe while spotting important clues along the way.

After finding where to exit the river a compass, map and good sense of direction is needed to orienteer their way through trees and bush to find the road to the finish.

After a climb of 500ft to the Doonholme Deer Farm the group can...
Clay Target shoot/Ropes Course/Farm Tour/Petanque etc...

The group then assemble in The Barn to solve the puzzle. Followed by a...

Victory drink, sumptuous dinner and dancing.

Moonlight Shotover Challenge Moonlight Shotover Challenge

Moonlight Shotover Challenge

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