Farm Olympics

Each event is fun, easy and sure to have everyone laughing.

It's not Sydney or Salt Lake City but it will be a competition that has passion and flair.
Teams will compete for the honour of being the best but not the gold (sorry no gold in these hills).

We have winners and winners - it's all fun but very serious

This is a team event where each team of 10pax will compete in each of the following events and receive a score for their team. The scores will be tallied at the end and a winning team will be announced at the end over a cold drink.
The line up of events are as follows:

Horse Shoe Pitching - A great team game and test for your eye/hand co-ordination! The rules are simple - just hook the stake. Easier said than done for most people.

Gold Panning - Try your luck at striking gold - in the horse trough.

Gumboot Throwing - In true Southern style(Otago/Southland that is) groups can "have a go" to see who is the best candidate for being a farmer.

Fence Building - The lost art of making a fence and being sure that it will stay up. The team will have a limited amount of equipment and time to construct a fence. It takes lateral thinking and good mechanic skills to stop a sheep knocking it over.

Barrel Stacking - If you think that it was easy to live on a farm then think again. We need to move barrels from one place to another. The hard way. We don't have tractors on this farm so by hand is the way to go. Don't forget to go around the obstacles.

Fetching the Water - In the old days people would have to bring their water from the river to the horses by buckets. That's they way we like to do things still at Moonlight. Guests have to carry the water from the river (our home made one) to the water tank on the farm. Except we have wholes in this one to make it harder to fill. Good luck and go fast!

After we complete all the farm Olympics we can have some lunch at the barn.

Once everyone has had their fill of food and drink we will all participate in the last activities.

Sheep Dog Trials (Demo)
There is no animal smarter than the New Zealand Sheep Dog at work. Watch as our farmer masterfully guides the sheep into the pen by controlling every move of the dogs.

After seeing what the real dogs can do we invite our top 3 teams from the mornings activities to come and be the dogs and see if they can pin the sheep.

Human Sheep Dog Trials
Nothing short of hilarious best describes this activity. A few "volunteers" are carefully chosen to try their hand, literally, at rounding up the sheep. See if the teamwork and delegation of duties works for the lucky contestants.

Everyone will go for a farm tour before heading back into town.(transport not provided)

Farm Tour
A farm orientation tour includes a full commentary about the property and it's inhabitants. You'll learn about the fascinating history of the area while spotting grazing Elk and rare White Fallow Deer - closer than most people will ever come to elk.

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Farm Olympics

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It's a race. First past the post. A mixture of orienteering, adventure, challenges and essentially team work.

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