Balance Day

Moonlight 'Balance' Programme

This programme is designed to give guests a full experience of what Queenstown can offer:

High and Wide, Panoramic, Precision Hand & Eye Coordination along with Mind & Body Control

We start the programmes off with a 'Tai chi' class on the back of the farm surrounded by mountains, grass and rivers. On the way to the site we pass gazing deer and elk majestically wandering around the fields. It will set the scene for the class where guests will learn about relaxing, focus and control of their movements.

Once the class is completed and everyone is sharp and relaxed.

Just when guests are thinking this will be an easy day, helicopters will fly over the group and land in the next paddock. We will round up part of the group to jump on and away we go.

A roller coaster ride up over the hills surrounding Moonlight Country in a helicopter. Soar to the summit of Morvan Hill for spectacular views of one of New Zealand's most famous panoramas. Land on top of Morvan Hill for a full commentary of the area and 360degree views. Each person will stay on top for approximately 20 minutes before the roller coaster ride back down to the farm.

A shuttle up and down by the helicopters while others wait their turn while eating, drinking, relaxing, playing games and enjoying the sights.

The group will wander 50 meters over the rise to the gun club for:

Clay Target Shooting

Time to test your prowess and discover the hot shot of your group at clay target shooting with one of New Zealand's Champion shooters. You'll be given careful instructions on technique for the best results.

After all the fun we would head to "The Barn" for a beautiful dinner or lunch

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